India is a great flow of cultures, faiths and colors.This free flow of thought, life style from times immemorial has been taking its own course and the end result has been shaping the humanity and its evolution. India is the biggest and most ancient experiment where almost all racial and ethnic groups of the world have met and mixed

India was the LAST stop in the global traveler's itinerary. India received almost all races like USA has done in past a few hundred years.

The US experiment is based upon imposing essentially a European society in the Americas whereas India has had flow of visitors from all corners of the world uninterrupted.

It is very difficult to generalize the climate of India due to its large geographical area. The Indian climate comprises of a wide range of weather condition across varied topology and large geographical area. During the months of November to March, generally the weather remains cool. Its is the best time for the tourist to go for India tour.

India is as large as a continent with a varying climate. You can always find a suitable place with your choice of climate. If you are travelling during the summer months, the Northern part that borders the world's longest mountain range, the Himalays is pleasant. The South also has its hill stations and most certainly the mountains of Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and North Uttar Pradesh. During the North India tour, the torist can witness the hill stations like Sikkim and Darjeeling. While in the South India tour, the tourist can experience the pleasure of famous hill resorts of the South like Kodai Kanal, Ootacamund and Croog, beside Darjeeling, Sikkim are recommended in summer.

India has three major seasons - winter - summer and the monsoon. Winter months (November-March) are bright and pleasant, with snowfall in the northern hills. Summer time (April-June) is hot in most parts of India, and it is then that the numerous hill resorts provide cool retreat. During the monsoon, rainfall is heavy along the west coast between June and September, and along the east coast between mid-October and December. Before stating the India tour, the tourists are recommended to acquire all the necessary information on the climate of India.


the India tour, the travelers can find the subcontinent has tropical weather. Even the monsoon comes to different parts of the country at different times. The climate of India is dominated by the Asian monsoon. From the months of June to October, the southwest monsoon prevails and the wind brings rain and cloud from the southwest. But, during the month of December to January the wind reverse their direction, bringing dry and cool weather to most of the parts of India.

The word festival means feast day, festive celebration. As kids, when there used to be festivals the only thing that came to our minds was holidays and sweets that in turn meant lots of fun. India being a society of may religions there are a lot many festivals. For the Hindus there is diwali, for the Muslims there is id, for the Christians its Christmas and for the Parsis it's the New Year and apart from all these days there are two other days that are celebrated by all Indians irrespective of cast, creed or sex. Yes, its 26th January and 15th August. i.e. republic day and the Independence Day

Dusshera in India is another festival celebrated by the Hindus. It marks the victory of good over evil. On that day lord ram killed the evil Ravana. On dusshera an effigy of Ravana is burnt at many places.

Ramzan Id is the most important festival in the Muslim calendar. A month long fasting and prayers is followed by Ramzan Id. It's said that during this month all the prayers and wishes of an individual comes true.

Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December every year and is an inseparable part of Christians all over the country and the world. Santa Claus, gifts, cakes, cookies, and the beautifully decorated Christmas tree with a midnight mass depicts he beginning of Christmas.

Easter is another important festival for Christians. It's usually falls in the month of March or April. 40 days fast is followed by Good Friday and Easter. On this day Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are a major attraction during Easter.

Parsi New Year is one of the most important days in the Parsi community. It marks the beginning of a New Year filled with joy and prosperity.

15th august is celebrated by all Indians because on this day in the year 1947 India received independence from the British rule in India.

Holi is another festival that is celebrated by all communities. It's a festival of colours. It marks the beginning of summer season and so water balloons are burst to beat the heat.

Some other festivals that are celebrated happily all over the country are Onam, Baisakhi, Pongal, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti, Guru Purnima, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, Gandhi Jayanti, Kumbh Mela, Children's day, Ganesh Chaturthi and many many more festivals.

Festivals bring joy and happiness in our lives. If we celebrate all festivals alike we can spread the message of joy, happiness, brotherhood and humanity among one another and live as one family and community.

Tourists coming to India via Africa and South America or any other yellow fever infected areas must have yellow fever vaccination certificate. A vaccination certificate is not regarded as valid until today after the date of vaccination. Inoculations for Cholera and Hepatitis and anti-malarial pills are recommended but its not mandatory.

Special healthcare should be taken during the trip to the Himalayan Mountain ranges. The temperature of the place remains very low during the winter season and the Himalayan range is situated at a very high altitude above the sea level. So, it is recommended to take antibiotics and fast-aid- box while traveling to the high Himalayan range.

Some foods are considered to be unhealthy and are advised not to take during the tour. Some high caloric junk foods rich in fats may lead to a high probability of occurrence of many diseases. The best supplement to the junk foods is fresh fruits. The fresh fruits and water acts as roughage which is needed to keep your body healthy during India tour.


Type of Visa Period for which granted No of entries Document required with application Extendable in India


180 days





15 days


Return / onward journey ticket



One-Five years


Document to prove bonafide purpose (Company's letter etc.)



One year or period of contract


Proof of employment as a skilled worker or at high post (appointment document), terms and conditions by laws of the company



Period of course


Proof of admission in India institution


Foreigners of Indian origin

One – Five Year


Proof of being on Indian origin